1. Can anyone go for short term mission trips (STMs)?

Yes! We welcome all members and friends to join us in our upcoming trips. Form your own team of 4-12 or involve your Life Group!

2. What to do when I am there?

Our trip coordinators plan the on-field activities for your team. We will attempt to match the needs on the field with the gifts and skillset of individuals in the team. Your trip may include one of the following areas of ministry:

A. Creative Ministries/ Mercy/Service

●   Dramas, puppet shows or music performances

●   Sports ministry

●   Visits to hospitals, prisons, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and orphanages

●   Conduct English lessons, computer classes and children camps

●   Pray for physical and emotional healing

B. Evangelism

●   Sharing the Gospel and personal testimonies in local church settings

●   House visits

●   Prayer walk, prayer for the sick, street ministry or other settings as the Holy Spirit leads

C. Discipleship

●   Conduct leadership trainings, seminars, workshops, camps and outreach events

●   Support local church ministries or do pioneering work

Of course, there will also be times of relaxation and recreation! Enjoy the company of good friends, get in touch with the local community and tell your friends about your STM adventures!

3. When can I go?

Just tell us where you would like to go three months before the trip. Email us at missions@hopesingapore.org.sg

4. Any pre-trip preparation?

We will have three to five briefing and training sessions before you go on each trip. The team leader may be required to go for training.