Senior Pastor Jeffrey Chong - 31 December 2017

Year In Review

Crossing Over to the New Year

Text: Josh 4:1-9

Synopsis: The world bids goodbye to 2017 and counts down to another new year. Looking at the handprints of God in our lives in 2017, we wonder, ‘What part do these experiences play as we enter into 2018?’

Discussion Guide

1. Looking back – remember what God has done (v1-6a)
Let us take some time to reflect about the events in 2017. How easy or difficult is it to remember what God has done in the past year? For Joshua, he led the 12 Israelite tribes to remember God through the crossing of the Jordan river. Why do you think that if we miss God in our encounters, we miss the whole point? If we feel that God has not done anything in our lives in the past year, how can we help one another to reflect deeper about it? Just as the Israelites set up the 12 memorial stones, what would be a meaningful, lasting and visible sign that you could have to remember what God has done in 2017?

2. Look forward and tell of God’s wonder (v6b-7)
How comfortable are you in sharing your experiences with God to others? What makes you feel this way? Let’s go back to what God called the Israelites to do in Joshua 4:6b-7. Why do you think God wants the Israelites to tell their children of what has been done when their children notice the memorial stones? In a similar manner, why is it meaningful to share the experiences in our faith to others? How can we encourage one another to let God and His wonders go beyond our comfort of sharing? Let us pray as a life group that we will share about God’s goodness to people whenever the opportunity arises in 2018.

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