Senior Pastor Jeffrey Chong - 5 March 2017

Only God (Part 2 of 2)

When challenges stand in the way of you serving God, what do you do? Find out how to see beyond the present obstacles and expect great things that Only God can do!

Reflection Points
1. With God, we can see what is ahead

Think about your past hurts or disappointments - how would God want you to perceive them? What are some steps you can take with God to move beyond your past and look to the future?

2. With God, we can look beyond the present

Consider your current circumstances - are there areas you wish could be better, or shortcomings you want to erase? Remembering that God has shown throughout history His power in man's weakness and sovereignty over problems, how would you respond to Him in your present circumstances?

3. With God, we can perceive with eyes of faith

What is one thing you believe God is challenging you to do? What will hinder you from obeying Him fully? How can your Life Group members encourage each other to press on in faith?

Discussion Guide

1. When we're swimming, we would feel a resistance as we swim forward. Similarly, we may experience resistance caused by past hurts and disappointments when we try to move on with God. How can we entrust our past to God and go forward? How can the Life Group members help each other to learn from the past and look ahead?

2. What is one project you've worked on at work or at school that you struggled to complete? What did you do when you encountered obstacles in the process? Whether it's in ministry, relationships or other areas, many times we get discouraged when things are not going as well we think they should. Knowing that with God we'll surely make progress, how can we gain courage and carry on?

3. What is one area that God is challenging you to follow Him in? What are some common obstacles that will keep us from obeying God fully? How would God want us to respond, and why? How can the Life Group members encourage each other to view their challenges through eyes of faith?

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