Do you know?

Out of a church of 5,400 Life Group attendees, more than 3,000 are volunteers serving at various capabilities – that’s more than 50% of the church getting plugged in and contributing!

Pit Stop is an annual event to celebrate and honour all of YOU who have sacrificed time and effort to build God’s church together!

The Carnival & Special Activities!
The fun begins at 630pm at The Carnival! Come early to enjoy the various carnival games booths as well as photo booth and food stations. On top of that, each of you is granted ONE special activity– registration for the special activities start at 645pm at Level 4 Payment Counter!
Hair Wash at Renew & Nouyeau
Manicure at XiaoYuEr & Lusting Nails
Fruits at Wonderful Durian
Massage at Connect 702 by SAVH
Pit Stop Award Nomination 2017
Is there an outstanding contributor, mentor or Life Group Leader who you think should be honoured for their dedication and faithfulness? See the list of awards below and tell us who you think should win!

This gung-ho champ is willing to do all things, even sacrifice their time and treasure, to complete their ministry assignment. No matter what life throws at them, they will persevere to finish their task or project.

If you know of such a champ, tell us how they kept going when the going got tough!

This multi-talented and highly efficient achiever contributes in many ministries because they want to serve God in as many ways as possible. More impressive than their juggling skills is their desire to honour God with their many talents.

Highlight one multiple hatter and the different ways they are contributing!

This humble servant of God goes the extra mile to accomplish tasks that most folks may find unappealing. Undeterred by the discomfort of the tasks, this unsung hero’s love for God and people shines through their modest acts of service.

Honour one such individual in your life by sharing his/her story with us!

Every team needs a bridge, someone who would look out for others and bring everyone together. This person plays a big part in making serving fun, inclusive and meaningful.

Share with us one such individual who has made a big, positive difference in team dynamics!

Strong team players form the backbone of any team. They are unwavering in supporting the leader and are crucial in ensuring that the team accomplishes the tasks that God has set for them.

Tell us how a team player has supported their leader to overcome challenges and obtain wins along the way!

It takes humility and passion to continuously learn ways of improving our attitude and skills in serving God. Know of an avid learner who is always thinking of ways to be a better contributor?

Get in touch with us and share details of how hardworking and intentional they have been in growing themselves!

Food, massage, photo booth, facial, games and affirmations – Pit Stop 2016 was a blast!

Pit Stop 2017 is coming to you bigger, better!

Are you serving as a ministry volunteer, a mentor or leader?

You are invited!

11 August: Ablaze / Tertiary / Adult / Mandarin
18 August: Filipino
630pm – 10pm
Textile Centre, check in at Level 4

Registration for the event has closed. No walk-ins will be allowed.

Come for a night of fun!

Are you a contributor?
You are invited to Pitstop 2017!

Registration has extended to 6 August 1159pm. Do not miss the sign-up!

If my whole family is serving, can I sign up as a family?
Please sign up individually so we get your information! You will also need to check-in individually on the day itself.
Can I bring my spouse who is not serving?
Yes! We honour the supportive spouse that takes care of the house as the other serves. Please indicate “Yes” on the field “My non-serving spouse will be attending”.
Will there be programmes for children?
Children are welcome to join in the Pit Stop celebrations and there will not be a separate programme for them. Kids also will not need to register.
Can I attend the other Pitstop if I can't make it on the date allocated?
No. The programme is specifically catered to the congregations attending, so do try to make time for your allocated day!
I cannot find my church ministry / life group in the list. What should I do?
Choose “Others” in the options and type in your ministry.
I contribute in a pastoral role as well as a church ministry, do I sign up twice?
No, just sign up once!
If you have more enquiries, email us at!