What is Mentoring?
Mentoring in Hope Singapore is an intentional discipleship relationship, centred on the Gospel, between a mentor and a mentee.

Through mutual commitment, mentors facilitate their mentees to grow to be disciples of Jesus whose lives are surrendered to Him.

Through mentoring, believers can receive guidance, encouragement and role models for their journey.

Why should I have a Mentor?
In the Bible, Paul writes that out of Christ’s rich mercy and great love, believers who were dead in sin have been made alive in Christ (Ephesians 2:1-10). In light of God’s love and grace, believers are urged to live a life worthy of the calling received (Ephesians 4:1). Just as we receive salvation, we now allow the Gospel to shape our living and grow to be disciples.

In the journey to be a disciple, mentors walk alongside mentees, sets an example, and spurs them to obey God in challenging life circumstances. The goal of mentoring is to grow disciples who commit to love and worship God, live in holiness for God’s glory until the end of their lives, and fulfil the Great Commission by making new disciples.

What does a Mentor do?
The foundation of the mentoring relationship is the love of Christ. Just as Jesus loved His disciples, mentors similarly learn to love their mentees in this discipleship relationship.

On the basis of Jesus’ love, the mentor has three roles:

  • Know – Develop a Personal Relationship with Mentees: To courageously and intentionally discover and enter a mentee’s personal life.
  • Feed – Provide Spiritual Nourishment and Truth to Mentees: To encourage and advise not just on logic but on what the Bible says.
  • Lead – Direct, Encourage, and Spur Mentees to Life Change: To follow-up on various life circumstances and areas of growth in mentees, holding them to account.


Mentors journey with their mentees in these areas of their spiritual lives: 

  • Upward – Devotional Life: To grow their relationship with Jesus, to discover His Word and to worship Him
  • Inward – Personal Life: To pursue Biblical, Christ-centred decisions and breakthroughs
  • Outward – Ministry Life: To love others by reaching out and serving them

For mentors seeking to understand more about their roles, find out more through this mentoring guide.

What does a Mentee do?

A fruitful and meaningful mentoring relationship relies on mutual commitment between a mentor and a mentee. While mentors may guide mentees in the journey of growth, it is important to recognize that mentees must always take ownership of their spiritual lives.

  • Share – Initiate to Establish the Mentoring Relationship: To make time to share openly and allow mentors into your personal life.
  • Ask – Own Your Personal Growth and Seek to Learn: To ask for counsel, accountability and wisdom to follow in God’s ways. 
  • Apply – Take Steps to Grow to be a Disciple of Jesus: To listen, take practical action, and apply what has been counselled to live for God’s glory.

How do I find a Mentor?

Hope Singapore commits to provide a mentor for every member that desires for one. Members are encouraged to seek for a mentor to support their growth to be a disciple. To begin this process, members can speak to their Life Group Leaders.

Write in to discipleship@hopesingapore.org.sg to find out more about how you can find a mentor or become a mentor.

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. – Ephesians 4:1

Join in the Privilege of Mentoring

Mentoring is a privilege. Mentors can be used by God to make disciples and help others to grow. Mentees can receive from mature believers in their growth journey.

In Hope Singapore, we believe in mentoring as a part of our discipleship journey. We believe that everyone, from our pastors, to our members can grow through mentors and become disciples of Jesus. Take the opportunity; open up to a mentor today!

A Mentoring Story

Pastor Daniel Tan, 47 years old East Region

In a mentor-mentee relationship, most people would think that the mentee would be the one who would be blessed while the mentor is usually the one who would give. In my mentoring journey with Joseph, I have been blessed many times as I witnessed how God constantly works through his life to draw him closer to Him.
As I walked through with Joseph to seek God’s will for himself, it is so fulfilling to see him having breakthrough in areas of forgiveness and surrendering to God. He is also accountable and would also initiate meet ups; mentoring him has been such a joy for me!

Joseph Choo, 30 years old East Region

It has been such a great blessing and honour to have Pastor Daniel to teach, counsel, motivate, coach, lead and advise me within the context of a mentorship. His hindsight, his experiences is my foresight.

The blessings does not limit to just learning. Sometimes I have the tendency to be a Lone Ranger Christian – work long hours and fight my battles alone. Having someone I can share life and my problems with, has gotten me through the downs of life and provided stability in times of need. I am very blessed and thankful to have a mentor.