Marriage Guidelines

Couples who wish to have their marriage solemnised by Hope Church Singapore are required to meet the following guidelines:

1. At least one individual in the couple must be a member of Hope Church Singapore. The other individual must acknowledge Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Saviour.

2. Complete the Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) conducted by Hope Church Singapore. The intended wedding date should be no earlier than six months from the completion of MPC (inclusive of Hopekids attachment). You may refer to the Hope Church Wedding Block-Out dates for the dates that are unavailable.

3. Couple should not be violating Biblical principles by engaging in petting, pre-marital sex or cohabitation outside marriage. Such a couple must confess, repent and discontinue such acts. God designed a heterosexual marriage to be the arena for sexual expression.

4. Couple should not be engaging in any lifestyle or behaviour that violates Biblical principles without genuine repentance, even under loving counsel.

5. Couple has not registered a civil marriage at the Registry of Marriage (ROM), for the purpose of flat application, for example.

6. Couple should refrain from making any booking or wedding arrangements and/or confirm wedding date until they have completed the MPC, and received an email notification to inform the outcome for Wedding Application from the church.