Every child is of immeasurable worth because they are a gift from God.

We are passionate about seeing every child touched by God’s amazing love and leading them to impact others with the same love. We consider it our honour to partner with parents to foster good biblical values and develop each child’s character!

Each weekend, your child will have an awesome time of sing-and-dance-along, drama, crafts and learning from the Bible. They will get to making new friends and learn valuable life skills in a creative manner!


The Axis @ Textile Centre
200 Jalan Sultan Singapore 199018
Saturdays 5pm – Bilingual
Sundays 10am – English*
Sundays 3pm – Filipino

North East Centre @ Seletar Country Club
101 Seletar Club Road Singapore 798273
Sundays 10am*

*Text 92428726 during Monday – Friday 9 – 6pm to enquire on our available bus routes for our Sunday 10am services!

Through HopeKids, my kids learn many values such as forgiving others, being generous and loving others through acceptance of who they are.


Parent of child aged 5 & 6

The free bus makes it much easier to travel with 2 kids. It gives my son Dave an opportunity to mingle with other kids, and for us, with other parents.


Parent of child aged 3 & 4

The teachers are dedicated and caring. My girls always look forward to the fun, creative and exciting programme and to meeting their friends weekly.


Parent of child aged 10

Service (4-12 years old)

Praise & Worship
Creative God’s Word
Memory Verse
Worship Space
Small Group Time*

*Children get to do crafts or engage in meaningful activities with their teachers during Small Group Time. This usually happens at the start or end of the rest of programme depending on the age group and location.

Service (3 years old)

Small Group Time
Praise & Worship
Games Time
God’s Word
Memory Verse
Worship Space

Service (6 month – 2 years)

Small Group Time
Praise & Worship
Snack Time
God’s Word
Memory Verse
Worship Space

*Only available in The Axis

SHINE! Service (Special Needs)

for children with special needs

Small Group Time (free play)
Small Group Time (structure play)
Praise & Worship
God’s Word
Memory Verse
Life Group & Snacks