God With Us &
Global Leadership Training

Specially planned for Hope Church Singapore overseas delegates

3 & 4 June, Singapore Indoor Stadium

6 powerful sessions where God will speak to us, shake us out of our comfort zone and minister to each of us on a personal level for He is with us!

Global Leadership Training

5 & 6 June, Textile Centre

3 sessions and 2 workshops where you will get to know one another, get inspired by Pastor Choco and learn from smaller workshop setting.

Global Leadership Training Schedule

5 June, Monday

Free and Easy

1230pm – Delegates Bonding Session
Lunch, Fun and Family!
Textile Centre, Level 8 Connect Halls

8pm – Session with Pastor Choco
Textile Centre, The Axis

6 June, Tuesday

10am – Combined Session
Textile Centre, Level 8 Connect Halls

2pm – Workshop 1
Textile Centre, Various Rooms

630pm – Workshop 2
Textile Centre, Various Rooms


Please pick one session from each workshop.

Workshop 1

How to lead beyond 20?

How to effectively lead people from Step A through to Step D? How to lead different types of LG effectively using DOC? How to multiply core team and Life Group Leaders as the LG grows? Equip yourself with this workshop to lead beyond 20.

How to lead beyond 50?

It is God’s will for His church to grow. To grow beyond 50 requires some effective ways compares to a smaller group. How to disciple and train new LGLs and at the same time effectively grow the Life Groups beyond 50?

How to lead beyond 100?

What are the key strategies and approaches that leaders can use in order to lead beyond 100? How can leaders plan out these strategies? How to overcome some of the challenges in leading beyond 100?

Workshop 2

Discipling Youths and Students

Engaging the youths and students can be challenging. How can you connect with them, involving them and lead them in the ways of God?

Discipling Young Working Adults

Transiting from a student to a working adult can be challenging. This means changes and priorities may need better handling and adjustments especially in the initial areas of transition. How can one effectively disciple those who are going through this season of life and yet be fruitful in God’s work?

Discipling Family and Children

Children are the future of the church. How can parents and children volunteers teach and disciple them to have a strong foundation in their faith and help them in their spiritual journey in their initial growing years?

Reach Out to & Lead Men

How can leaders outreach and lead men effectively? Are there any differences leading men from women? How to challenge and inspire men to serve God without intimidating them?

Effective Outreach

Outreach is the heartbeat of God. There are many ways and approaches to outreach. What are some of the effective outreach methods and approaches we can adopt in order for us to reach more people for Christ?


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Global Leadership Training