Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:


I clicked on the Non-Member link, and I cannot register. Why?

There may be 2 reasons.

1) You may already be a member of Hope Church Singapore and the system recognizes your ID, please use your e2hope login to sign up. If you have forgotten you username or password, kindly reset it.

2) If you are a non-member and you cannot register, it may mean that your LGL have registered for you under group registration. Your ID is recognised in the system hence the system forbids you to sign up again. Check with your LGL if you have been registered.

What does “My Group – Family Sign-up” mean?

This means that you are eligible to sign up as a family, if there are others in the church that you have been connected to. Simply connect all the E2hope accounts of your family member to use this function.

How can i check that i have been successfully registered?

If you are successfully registered, you should receive an email confirmation of your payment from e2hope@hopesingspore.org.sg within 3 working days of your payment. You will also receive an email from edu@hopesingapore.org.sg about 3 days before the seminar.

Kindly ensure the email entered on the registration form is correct and valid.

I did not register for free seminars, could I still attend?

All free seminar registrants will be entitled to seats and notes, if you did not register you can attend the seminar but it will be subjected to the availability of seats and there will have no notes.

I did not managed to register as all seats are filled/registration is closed, could I still attend the seminar? Will there be walk-in registration?

All registrants must register to guarantee a seat. If you did not register, you may try to register as a walk-in.

Kindly check our announcement page to find out if there will be walk in registration for the seminar to avoid a wasted trip.

I registered but did not come on the first day, could I attend on the 2nd day and will I get my notes?

If you did not transfer your seat to someone else, you would be able to attend the seminar on the 2nd day. All notes are printed according to the no of people who have registered to prevent wastage. If you have registered you should be able to collect your notes on the 2nd day.

I cannot come for the seminar but I have registered (and paid). Can someone collect my notes on my behalf?

Yes. We will allow collection of notes if they can produce your NRIC no.

I cannot come for the seminar but I have registered and paid. Can someone replace me for the seminar?

Yes. Seats are transferable if the person can produce your NRIC no or can print out and show us the confirmation email.

I am bringing my child, do they need to register as well?

If your child is attending requires a seat, we will encourage you to register for your child. However if you are bringing your toddler, you can use the parents lounges. We regret that there will not be anychild minding service for seminars.

I am not from this church, can I register?

Yes, you are welcome to join us.


I have accidentally closed the payment gateway page before I completed the payment, and now I cannot register myself again! What should I do?

If you have submitted your registration but have not completed the payment, your registrant status will be listed as Failed or Pending on our end. In this case, just wait 30 minutes before re-submitting a new registration. If your problem persist, please email edu@hopesingapore.org.sg.

I am experiencing problem with Credit/Debit card online payment gateway. What should I do?

If you are experiencing problem with eNETs credit/debit card payment gateway, please use PayPal.

You do not need to create a PayPal account to pay with your credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard). Just select for the credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard)option accordingly under Paypal.

I registered and paid, however i did not receive any confirmation email. What should i do?

You can first check your junk mail as some emails may end up there or alternatively you can email us at edu@hopesingapore.org.sg, and we will check for you.

I am an LGL, i registered and paid for my members via online payment modes. How do i know if all my members are successfully registered?

Those who are registered together in a group registration will have an individual email sent to them to inform them on the confirmation their registration. Kindly ensure all email address input in the form are correct.

Check-in Procedure

What should i bring with me for a smooth check-in process?

Bring along your NRIC (Work Permit, Driving Licence or Student ID). You may also print out your confirmation email for verification. In the event that you are replacing a someone for the seminar, you must produce the person’s NRIC/ FIN no at the counter or produce a hard copy print out of the confirmation email.

Where should i go to check in?

Check-in counters are located at Level 4, Axis reception counters.

I did not attend the seminar on the 1st day, where and how do i check-in on the 2nd day?

Check-in counters will still be opened at the Axis Reception, kindly bring along your identification pass or your confirmation email.

I registered as a walk-in on the 1st day of the seminar, how do i check-in on the 2nd day?

Bring along your notes and sticker from the 1st day for entry.

I lost my booklet/ sticker, how do i check-in on the 2nd day?

Kindly proceed to the helpdesk at the Axis reception for verification of your registration to get a new sticker for entry. We regret that booklets will not be replaced.

Other Questions

Can I reserve seats for my life group if I can reach early?

We will usually be expecting a full house for Bible Seminars. Therefore, we do not encourage reserving of seats so that more people can fill up the empty seats.