Membership Declaration Form

Criteria for Membership (Step B):

- Active in prayer, reading God's word and worship
- Regular for church service and Life Group
- Baptised in water and the Holy Spirit
- Completed Belong Class

Water Baptism: Sprinkling Declaration

By submitting an agreement on this declaration, you hereby declare that you were baptised by your respective church in the respective country by sprinkling.
At the point of your water baptism, you were fully aware of your decision to get baptised and you were not baptised as an infant.
You also hereby agree that Hope Church teaches and practices water baptism by full immersion. You also agree that water baptism by full immersion is a closer experience to Jesus' own water baptism, and a closer representation of the death and resurrection of Jesus.
As a member of Hope Church, you agree to be committed to teaching others about water baptism by full immersion only.

Membership Declaration Form

Upon approval of the application for church membership, I have every intention to follow the whole Bible in my life, diligently attend all relevant church meetings, faithfully give tithes and offerings, willing to submit to the discipline of the church leadership and support the leaders and fellow member in fulfilling the vision of the church.
By interacting with and/or submitting information to Hope Church Singapore and/or signing up for any activity or even of Hope Church Singapore, you:
1. Confirm that all personal data disclosed herein are accurate; and
2. Agree and consent to Hope Church Singapore's collection, use, disclosure and/or sharing of all personal data disclosed herein, for the purposes of interaction, planning of activities and communication of events, programmes and church-related information.
Hope Church Singapore respects personal data and privacy and will share such information with third parties only when it is necessary. If you wish to withdraw or limit your consent, please write to our Data Protection Officer at with all necessary particulars.