Revival is Now &
Global Leadership Training

Specially planned for Hope Church Singapore overseas delegates
30 June & 1 July, Singapore Indoor Stadium
6 powerful sessions where God will spark in us a renewed sense of His presence, power, holiness, and truth.
Global Leadership Training
2 & 3 July, Textile Centre
3 sessions and 2 workshops where you will get to know one another, learn from Pastor Che Ahn and get equipped in smaller workshop setting.

Global Leadership Training Schedule

2 July, Monday
Free and Easy
12pm – Lunch
Textile Centre, Level 8 Connect Halls
130pm, Connect 801 – Foundations of Hope (All Delegates)

130pm, Connect 802- Table Talk with Pastors (All key city leaders)

Textile Centre, Level 8 Connect Halls

8pm – Insights with Pastor Che Ahn
Textile Centre, The Axis
3 July, Tuesday
10am – Refresh & Renew (Impartation by Pastor Jeff and ministering time)
Textile Centre, Level 8 Connect Halls

130pm – Master Class 1
Textile Centre, Various Rooms

4pm – Master Class 2
Textile Centre, Various Rooms

Master Classes

Please pick one master class from each session.

Master Class 1

How to lead beyond 20?

How do you effectively lead people from Step A through to Step D? How to do leaders lead different LGs effectively using DOC? How to multiply core teams and Life Group leaders as the LG grows? Come and be equipped in this workshop.

Suitable for: Mentors & Leaders

How to lead beyond 50?

It is God’s will for His church to grow. To grow beyond 50 requires some different approaches compared to smaller groups. What are they? How to disciple and train new LGLs, and effectively grow the Life Groups beyond 50?

Suitable for: Leaders of groups more than 20

How to lead beyond 100?

What are the key strategies and approaches to lead beyond 100? How can leaders plan out these strategies to achieve this and overcome potential challenges in leading beyond 100?

Suitable for: Leaders of groups more than 50

Effective Outreach

Outreach is the heartbeat of God. What are some of the effective outreach methods and approach we can adopt in order for us to reach more people for Christ?

Suitable for: All

Master Class 2

Building a Dynamic Team

As a leader, serving in a team is critical in reaching the full potential of the group. How can you form and build a dynamic team that functions with synergy and teamwork?

Suitable for: Life Group Leaders

Mentoring for Life Transformation

Mentoring is a noble task and to mentor effectively for life transformation is the key the purpose of mentoring. How can a mentor achieve this?

Suitable for: Mentors & Leaders

Self-Learning Leaders

Continuous growth in a leader ensures the growth and continuity of the group. Self-learning is the key for this. Learn how to take ownership of self-growth and doing it responsibly.

Suitable for: Leaders

Creating a Worship Atmosphere

How do you plan and create a worship atmosphere in LG? If you lack a guitarist, what can you do? How do you lead and flow with the Holy Spirit to minister to the people in worship?

Suitable for: Mentors & Leaders

Guiding Married Couples in Marriage

Marriage is a life long journey. How as mentors and leader can you guide the married couples under your care to grow this covenanted relationship into a flourishing one that honours God?

Suitable for: Mentors & Leaders


Do ensure that you have also registered for Revival is Now Conference. Register here if you have not!

This registration ONLY applies to 1 key leader (with his/her spouse) in each daughter church. If unsure, please check with your pastor-in-charge.

This below will be provided:

1. Return Air Ticket

The air ticket has to be a reasonably good routing to the destination, and need to give Missions Department at least 3 quotations of routes and prices for amounts more than S$3000. Missions Department makes the final decision on the choice of airline and routing. To claim for the air ticket, please upload your flight itinerary below. The reimbursement will be given to you in Singapore dollars on the first day of the conference.

2. Registration cost of the Hope SG Conference

The key delegate will only need to fill up this form for both the Hope Singapore Conference & Global Leadership training. Fees to the Hope Singapore conference will be waived when you utilise the promo code in your email.


Global Leadership Training For Key Leaders

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