Be A Member

To be a member means to commit to a spiritual family. It’s about becoming a part of a community.

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:19-22:

Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

Why is church membership important?

Christianity is not just about believing but also belonging. We cannot grow spiritually in isolation. Jesus never asked us to ‘go’ to church but to ‘belong’ to a community.

The idea of membership is recurrent in the Bible although the word ‘membership’ may not appear. Members also get priority for resources, time and attention. Commitment to a spiritual family brings spiritual growth through relating to one another.

How do I become a member of Hope?

You are eligible for membership if you have acknowledged Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, and are:

a) Active in prayer, reading God’s Word and worship

b) Regular for church service and Life Group

c) Baptised in water and in the Holy Spirit

At Hope Church Singapore, we believe that Holy Spirit baptism comes with the initial sign of speaking in tongues and we practise water baptism by full immersion.

d) Tithing to the local church

e) Completed Belong class

For more details on our Statement of Faith, please click here. You can also check out our video on how to become a member.

Membership is by invitation only. If you would like to become a member here, please approach your Life Group Leader.

For more enquires, please email to 


How do I transfer my membership from another church?

You don’t have to transfer membership. As long as you meet the criteria described above, you can become a member here.

Can I be a member if I were water baptised in another church?

Yes, you can become a member here as long as you were water baptised as an adult and by immersion (immersed into water).

If you were water baptised in another church through sprinkling (not infant baptism), and wish to become a member of this church, you will have to agree that water baptism by full immersion is closer to Jesus’ own water baptism and a closer representation of Jesus’ death and resurrection. You are expected to teach others about water baptism by full immersion.