Journeying from Step B to Step C

After Belonging to the Local Church, journey on to Step C where you can find out how you can contribute to God’s work.

Contributing is a way to express our love for God and His people. We contribute by investing our time, talents and treasure to build God’s church.

In the church ministries and in our Life Groups, we each have a part to play in building a church that truly honours God and points people to Christ. Speak with your Life Group leader and find out what are the ways you can contribute. Make time to be equipped as a contributor through our Contribute class and serve with excellence!

Complete the following milestones to get to Step C:
Serve in a church ministry and/or a Life Group
 Complete Contribute Class/Core Resource

Core Resource (PDF)

Core Resource (Videos)

Character of a Contributor

Competence of a Contributor

Armour-bearing Our Leaders

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