Date: 28 April 2018
Time: 1030am to 1230pm
Venue: Connect Hall 802 @ Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan Level 8 Singapore 199018
Fee: $15 per pax

What are your attitudes towards talking about sexuality with your children?

“The school and teachers will talk to them about it.”

“Kids are internet savvy. They’ll find out in their own ways.”

“It’s not that important. My own parents didn’t talk to me about this.”

Talking about sexuality can make even the most confident parent “fight” or take “flight.” But studies have shown that parental involvement has a tremendous impact on your child’s decisions regarding relationships and sex. If your child doesn’t hear about it from you, he will hear it from someone else who may not have his best interests at heart. Sexuality education is more than just talking about sex. It’s about helping your children become confident about themselves, learn how to make good decisions, and develop healthy relationships. Be equipped with the facts and skills to help your children grow to become healthy and responsible adults.

YOU are the critical element to your child’s sexuality education.

Through this talk, parents will:
∙ Gain an understanding of the issues youth face in today’s media-hyped world
∙ Understand and be challenged on why you need to be first in to talk to your child about sexuality
∙ Learn about what you need to talk to your child about in sexuality education–health, relationships, character
∙ Learn practical tips on how to start talking to your child about sex and relationships

Limited seats, register now! This class is open to all parents regardless of faith.

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