“Success is not final, failure is not fatal.”

Start your 2018 by hearing Joshua Tan, better known as “Ken Chow” from Ah Boys to Men, and Nanz Chong, founder of One.99 shop share with us their success, failures and the invaluable lessons they learned through them.

30 December 2pm & 5pm @ Textile Centre 
Joshua Tan burst into fame through his role in the local movie “Ah Boys to Men” as one of the lead characters “Ken Chow”. In the most recent movie, he had to put on 20kg for his role and had to deal with a lot of hateful and hurtful comments on social media. Hear how he dealt with the sudden success and unexpected rejections through his video interview.

31 December 10am @ Textile Centre & Seletar Country Club 
Nearly 4,000 people were declared bankrupt in 2003. But Nanz Chong was one of the very few daring enough to step forward to talk about it. Founder of One.99 shop, Nanz Chong used to rake in millions in revenue each year. But the company folded after SARS in 2003 and she was declared bankrupt. Her willingness to talk about her bankruptcy ironically opened many doors, including the 2010 Apec Women Entrepreneur Summit, founded by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in Japan. Hear her story here at Hope Church Singapore!

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