Church membership means commitment to a spiritual family. It’s about becoming a part of a community.

You are eligible for membership if you:
a) are active in prayer, reading God’s word and worship

b) are regular for church service and Life Group

c) baptised in water and the Holy Spirit
(*At Hope Church Singapore, we believe that Holy Spirit baptism comes with the initial sign of speaking in tongues and we practise water baptism by full immersion. Invited visitors who were water baptised in another church through sprinkling (not infant baptism) will need to agree that water baptism by full immersion is a closer experience to Jesus’ own water baptism and a closer representation of Jesus’ death and resurrection. He/she is committed to teaching others about water baptism by full immersion.

d) have completed Belong class

Registration for Belong class opens now till 2 October 2017.

Student Belong Class
7 October / 11am-1:30pm / Connect 802

Adult Belong Class
8 October / 1pm-3:30pm / Connect 802

Life Group Leaders may register for invited visitors via e2hope (click on the “registration” tab).