Getting to D

Why should I disciple others to follow Jesus?
Disciple others to follow Jesus

A true disciple makes disciples; this is the call of Jesus in the Great Commission. You can begin making disciples either by mentoring someone or leading a Life Group.

You know you have reached Step D when you can tick off the milestones below!

• Mentoring someone and/or leading a Life Group

• Completed Disciple Class

Core Resources (Videos)

How to Disciple My Mentee

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Session 1 – Being a Mentor

Session 2 – Roles of a Mentor

Session 3 – Building a Mentoring Relationship

Session 4 – Guiding my Mentee through ABCD Discipleship

Session 5 – How to Mentor

Practical Tips after Someone says the Sinners’ Prayer

How to be a Life Group Leader (Adult)

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Lesson 1 – What Is A Life Group?

Lesson 2 – What Are The Requirements Of A Life Group Leader?

Lesson 3 – Life Management Of A Life Group Leader

Lesson 4 – Vision of Life Station Ministry

Lesson 5.1 – What Is O.P.S.C.?

Lesson 5.2 – OPEN

Lesson 5.3 – POUR

Lesson 5.4 – SHAKE

Lesson 5.5 – CLOSE

Lesson 6 – Life Group Operations

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