Getting to B

Why should I belong to a local church?

Belong to a local church

Church is more than an event that you attend, or a venue that you go to. It is a spiritual family where believers do life together.

You can get started in belonging to a local church by getting connected with one of the many life groups we have. If you have joined us for a while and consider Hope Church Singapore your home church, learn about becoming a member!

If you have completed the milestones below, congratulations you have reached Step B!

• Active in prayer, reading God’s word and worship

• Regular for church service and Life Group

• Baptised in water and the Holy Spirit

• Completed Belong class

Core Resources (Videos)

How can I be assured of my salvation?

Why and how do I read the Bible?

Why and how do I pray?

What is worship?

What is the spiritual family?

What does it mean to be empowered by the Holy Spirit?

What does it mean to share about Jesus to others?

What is Holy Communion?

Why should I be water baptised?

Why should I give to God?

How to share my story

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