Pastor Benny Ho - 8 April 2017

The Virtue Of Patience

In a world that thrives on instant messaging, fast food restaurants and quick fixes, patience is a virtue rarely found.
Yet patience is an important key to achieving our potential and helping us develop meaningful relationships. Discover how we can surrender our impatience to God and allow Him to exchange it for patience.

Discussion Points:

1. Patience Is The Key To Divine Promises

Heb 6:11-15 says that Abraham received what God has promised as he waited patiently. The ‘in-between’ time from the promise given and the fulfilment is the trial of faith. Are you going through any ‘trial of faith’ in your life now? What can you learn from the what Paul says in Heb 6:11-15 as you go through this period of life that you are facing?

2. Patience Is The Price To Develop Potential

Paul encouraged the people not to give up in doing good in Gal 6:9. Are there anything that you know God is asking you to do that requires you to persevere in? What potential do you think can be developed in yourself as you press on in doing the good that God wants you to do?

3. Patience Is The Bridge To Difficult People

The preacher illustrated that the oil in the engine that suspends the impurities is just like the Holy Spirit that suspends the irritants in our life when dealing with difficult people. We need new dosage of the oil (Holy Spirit) every day to remove the irritants in our life. Are there people that you find difficult to handle in your life? What would you do to experience the new dosage of ‘oil’ (Holy Spirit) afresh every day so that you can better deal with the situations with them?

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