Senior Pastor Jeffrey Chong - 8 January 2017

What does God require of me?

A new chapter begins once again! What better way to move forward than to look to God's Word and find out what He expects of us? Let us revisit the Father's heart this new year!

Discussion Guide

1. Be A Blessing to My Community

Read Matthew 22:35-39. Jesus expects His followers to love the people around them. Believers can love others by doing good to them or standing up for them in the face of injustice. Describe some ways how Christians can ensure justice for the weak and helpless. What challenges can you foresee in doing so? How do you think these difficulties can be overcome? What are some ways you and your Life Group can contribute in the area of justice?

2. Walk Right with God

Having a right relationship with God means we have a right view of who He is. What do you think may happen if our view of God is not right? How would that affect our relationships with others? Read 1 John 4:19-21. Our motivation for loving others comes from knowing the immense love that God has for us. If we are walking right with God, we will choose to love our brothers and sisters no matter how tough it gets. Why do you think our relationship with God is an important basis for how we treat others? Reflect on your relationships with believers within or beyond your Life Group. What are some areas we can love each other more in? Share some practical steps we can take to put love into action.

From Series: "Give with Love"

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