Lawrence Fan

Urgent prayer request for financial breakthrough due to the need of paying compensation to my current company by this April 27th. Also need to find money for living expenses as this month end salary will be deducted and the need to pay the banks loan as well..

Please see below the email I have credit counselling Singapore :

RE: Request for deferment of monthly CCS debt repayment plan due to change of new job

With reference to above subject,  I am requesting for your kind consideration.  Allow me to explain further in points form for my current situation. 

  1. I have confirmed with a new job offer starting this April 30th 2018.

  2. I need to give a notice period of 3 months to my current company which I had only given them 1 month. 

  3. After minus off the one  month notice period,  my April take home pay and remaining annual leave,  I still need to pay them about $2100 this month end for compensation for early release. 

  4. My new company will compensate 1 month of salary for the buy-out and this amount will only be paid during June month end salary. 

In view the above situation,  I am appealing to you to grant my request to defer the monthly repayment for a period of 3 months. This is to take into consideration of the fact that April I do not have any income after the deduction of pay from my current company and need to borrow money from my friends to pay for living expenses. 

For may and June I will need to pay back the borrowed money from friends in 2 installments..  Therefore,  I can only resume the monthly repayment in July. 

And with the burden of  2 primary school daughter  and a baby girl at home  , the stress is tremendous... 

Please see attached files for the relevant supporting documents .

Lastly,  I sincerely hope you will kindly help me as i am trying very hard to make the payment for the past few months ever since the start of the DMP 

Thank you very much.. 



Received: April 16, 2018