I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.


URGENT. Please read full matter. Should I commit Suicide?

With the great hope I have come to you to get prayed on. I m a Bangladeshi expat in Dubai , lost job few years back n started my business which due to recession in Dubai now a days. lost all.. I m a trained masseur n do free-lance basis massage discreetly ( I am a trained masseur) . Which pays my bills mostly partial, Sometimes nothing means have to literally beg money from others..

I never spend for luxury or FUN. Never been to my family for last 13 years. Rather I always help out needy people here involving myself deep into their problems. Just to pay my bills like Sharing room rent, Bank dues, other bills and to cover up some money I lost in business. I have debt of USD 30,000/- as of today. There is no way out as to how, can I pay off my debt. Do not have money for my day today food either. A Muslim family shares food with me the food for dinner they receive free form their spiritual leader.

I am in tremendous pressure from debtors to pay their money back tht I borrowed for last three years. Debtors have started sending me Warnings, Threats n Ultimatums. Some insults me in public, some are in verge of complaining to the Police n if they do, I will be beyond the bars for indefinite period as per the Law here. I AM REALLY IN STRESS ABOUT. I cannot bear any more! Cannot find any way out!! I have never spent the borrowed money for unneeded luxury or show offs. My parents are not alive, What can I do now? I just feel like drinking HARPIC to kill myself.

Despite of prayers each n every minute i failed to receive mercy from GOD almighty. At this moment I can only live on my massage work. Difficult to get clients like yester years. If I get at least one massage client a day I can pay most of my debt in 2 years.

Please pray for me that I get at least one massage client a day to pay off my debts partially in next (2) two years n my Monthly bills on time every month, I have given my BURDEN and STRESS along with my two STRONG HANDS to God almighty in the name of Jesus with prayers to get work to earn Money but never my hands extends like beggars to others every month for bills.

Today is 26th and I don’t know how would I pay my bills USD 1,100.00 by 1st of April fr a sharing room rent, credit card bills and other bills,

Need yr personalized prayer very badly.

Received: March 26, 2018