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Nazirra Shaik

This prayer request is for my nephew Ezra Nehemiah Josias Brown. He has autism and currently no school to attend. He is very upset and depressed that he is different and has no school and feels very lost and unsure. He is going for psychology assessment in the next few weeks to find the correct school form him. There is a school he likes and wants to get in. Called Tanglin School Singapore. My prayer request is for him to get into Tanglin School or Grace Special Needs Singapore school very quickly. He has been without school for the last 3 months and thats hurting him deeply. My lord please send a miracle for Ezra and have him enter the most perfect school for him My Lord with zero waiting time. My Lord I pray that he gets into the most perfect school and you watch over him when he is doing the assessment and he does it perfectly well and get in the perfect school you have destined for him. Lord please watch over my nephew Ezra and please my lord have him start school very very soon my lord. It pains his mother and me to watch him suffer in pain. Amen

Received: January 11, 2018