You desire to learn more about the Bible.

You’re aiming to be a better leader. You want to hone your relationship management skills. No matter your learning needs, you’d find the Grow Resources useful in helping you to improve different areas of your life. Choose from a wide range of topics to start learning now.

Getting to C Resources

PDF Resource

• Qualities of a Contributor

Video Resources

Qualities of a Contributor
• Session 1 – Character of a Contributor
• Session 2 – Competence of a Contributor
• Session 3 – Armour-bearing Our Leaders
Contribute by Serving God

Getting to D Resources

PDF Resources

• First Steps (Mentor)
• How to Disciple My Mentee PDF (Requires e2hope login)
How to be a Life Group Leader (Adult) PDF (Requires e2hope login)

Video Resources

How to Disciple My Mentee (Requires e2hope login)
Session 1 – Being a Mentor
Session 2 – Roles of a Mentor
Session 3 – Building a Mentoring Relationship
Session 4 – Guiding my Mentee through ABCD Discipleship
Session 5 – How to Mentor

How to be a Life Group Leader (Adult) (Requires e2hope login)
Lesson 1 – What Is A Life Group?
Lesson 2 – What Are The Requirements Of A Life Group Leader?
Lesson 3 – Life Management Of A Life Group Leader
Lesson 4 – Vision of Life Station Ministry
Lesson 5.1 – What Is O.P.S.C.?
Lesson 5.2 – OPEN
Lesson 5.3 – POUR
Lesson 5.4 – SHAKE
Lesson 5.5 – CLOSE
Lesson 6 – Life Group Operations