You desire to grow in Christ.
These resources are specially curated to help you get to the next step of your discipleship journey.
Getting to C Resources

PDF Resource

• Qualities of a Contributor

Video Resources

Qualities of a Contributor
• Session 1 – Character of a Contributor
• Session 2 – Competence of a Contributor
• Session 3 – Armour-bearing Our Leaders
Contribute by Serving God

Getting to D Resources

PDF Resources

• First Steps (Mentor)
• How to Disciple My Mentee PDF (Requires e2hope login)
How to be a Life Group Leader (Adult) PDF (Requires e2hope login)

Video Resources

How to Disciple My Mentee (Requires e2hope login)
Session 1 – Being a Mentor
Session 2 – Roles of a Mentor
Session 3 – Building a Mentoring Relationship
Session 4 – Guiding my Mentee through ABCD Discipleship
Session 5 – How to Mentor

How to be a Life Group Leader (Adult) (Requires e2hope login)
Lesson 1 – What Is A Life Group?
Lesson 2 – What Are The Requirements Of A Life Group Leader?
Lesson 3 – Life Management Of A Life Group Leader
Lesson 4 – Vision of Life Station Ministry
Lesson 5.1 – What Is O.P.S.C.?
Lesson 5.2 – OPEN
Lesson 5.3 – POUR
Lesson 5.4 – SHAKE
Lesson 5.5 – CLOSE
Lesson 6 – Life Group Operations