Get Equipped!

Every good botanist knows that the right conditions are necessary for their beloved plants to bloom. Good soil, adequate water and a healthy dose of sunlight and fertilizer go a long way in helping plants to grow.

We believe that you need the right conditions to grow as well.

In Hope, we encourage all to go through the ABCD Discipleship journey – Acknowledge, Belong, Contribute and Disciple. Every first weekend of the month, there will be a class that will guide you through. For holistic growth, we also have Grow classes available. Check our classes schedule for more details.

The wide range of resources available will allow everyone from all levels of faith to learn and grow. All you have to do is find a resource that you are interested in and click on it. We strongly encourage you to read as many of these as you can to help you grow in your walk with God and reach your full potential!