through Prayer

Prayer is central to the life of Christ-follower.

A life of intimacy with God is the foundation of living out the calling and the fruitful life God has purposed us for; it is key to living out in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 

Having an intimate relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, begins with daily conversations and a vibrant prayer life.

This will help us build sensitivity to His voice and motivation for living in the Supernatural as He has destined us to.

Here are opportunities you can be involved in to build a life of intimacy with God through prayer.

REVIVAL! Prayer Room

The Second Great Awakening did not just bring about a revival amidst the unreached, it birthed out individuals that were championing various social reforms of their time. It was a revival that began in the church, but ended in impacting the nation.

What are the key issues facing Singapore today? What is God’s heart over these issues?

Come, learn and intercede for key issues on God’s heart that are critical to revival and transformation in our nation.

21 Mar: God’s Heart for Life – Being Pro-life

by Ms Jennifer Heng (Author of Walking Out Of Secret Shame, Speaker and advocate of Pro-life Movement in Singapore)

18 Apr: Revival History and keys to Revival

by Christine Chean (Head of Hope Singapore Prayer Department)

16 May: Significance of the Nation of Israel in God’s Kingdom

by Pastor Christie Ong (Pastor of Hope Singapore Filipino)

20 Jun: Pre-Conference Prayer Meet

by Hope Singapore Pastors

Online Prayer Wall

Go beyond praying for your own needs and practice love for our neighbor by praying for those in need. Visit our Prayer Wall.

Empowered Fasting & Prayer Guide

Many scriptures show the strong connection between fasting and prayer. Physically, to fast is to go without food. Spiritually, fasting is an intensification of prayer, focusing on God, and dying to our fleshly desires as we desire and depend on Him more. Embark on this first of three fasting seasons of our church in 2018 with the Empowered Fasting & Prayer Guide.