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Core Modules In Step B

Adults Belong Class

The church is more than an event you attend or a venue you go to; it is a spiritual family where believers go through life together. The Belong Class will help you understand the vision & philosophy of Hope Church and how you can play a part in this spiritual family. If you are a Christian who is regular for church services and Life Group, this class is for you.              

*Membership criteria apply. Find out more at and sign up through your Life Group Leader.

Date: 2 April (Sunday)

Time: 12.30 – 3.30pm (lunch is provided)

Venue: Textile Centre, Connect 802

Closing date of registration: 27 March (Strictly no walk-ins)

Core Modules In Step C

Adults Contribute Class

Everyone can play a part in building the church. The Contribute Class helps you to understand why you should serve and how you can use the talents that God has blessed you with to contribute to His Kingdom.

This class provides tips on self-discovery and highlights ministries and areas in your Life Group that you can start serving in. All are welcome.

For those planning to attend Step D classes in June or September, this class is a pre-requite. 

Date: 7 May (Sunday)

Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm (lunch is not provided)

Venue: Textile Centre, Connect 701

Class Fee: $12

Members sign up here, Non-members sign up here

Core Modules In Step D

Adults Mentor Class

Fulfilling the Great Commission is our responsibility. Mentoring is an opportunity for all of us to participate in the Great Commission by touching one life at a time. Through mentoring, we can help our mentees build a strong spiritual foundation as a Christ follower. Are you a new mentor? Have you been mentoring for some time and would like a refresher? Do you have questions about mentoring? Join this class.

*You are required to watch a series of short video lessons before the class starts.

Date: 11 June (Sunday)

Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm (lunch is not included)

Venue: Textile Centre, Connect 701

Class Fee: $12

Registration opens on 1 April

Adults Life Group Leader Class

A Life Group Leader is like the captain of a ship who leads his crew and navigates the direction. Life Group Leaders play a significant role in helping Life Groups effectively make disciples.

This class aims to equip you with practical tips to lead Life Group of adults. To maximize your learning experience, you will need to finish watching a series of short video lessons before the classroom session.

Date: 11 June (Sunday)

Time: 1.30 – 3.30pm (lunch is not provided)

Venue: Textile Centre, Connect 702

Class Fee: $12

Registration opens on 1 April

Grow Modules

Bible Book Study

The Book of Ezekiel

The rich truths in Ezekiel about God’s character and expectations of His people are too important to ignore. God’s sovereignty over history, hatred of sin, faithfulness to His word and promise to restore His people are revealed in stunning detail in visions and prophecies. This course helps believers to regain their awe of the holiness of God and gain strength from knowing that one day, God will vindicate His people and rule the world with justice and goodness. 

Date: 10 June, 17 June, 24 June, 1 July (Saturday)

Time: 1-3.30pm

Venue: TBC

Class Fee: $12

Registration opens on 1 April

Bible Seminar by Ps Benny Ho

The Book of Jude

Although Jude was eager to write on the subject of salvation, he had to switch to the subject of standing strong against all sorts of false teachings that were and still is seeking to infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ today.

The warnings in this ancient letter become increasingly relevant as we move into the End Times when Satan will throw everything he had against the Church.

But has Jude leaves us with the good news that in the end, God is able to keep us from falling and present us to Himself as a perfected Bride.

Date: 4 and 5 May (Thursday and Friday)

Time: 7.30 – 10pm

Venue: The Axis Auditorium (Parents Longue is open for children under 2)

Class Fee: $10

Registration opens on 1 April

Family Life

Marriage Mentoring

Strong marriages make strong families. This class trains marriage mentors to be confident in mentoring couples. Mentors will be equipped with facilitation skills and trained to use a professional assessment tool to help couples discover strengths and growth points in their relationship. Upon class completion, participating couples are expected to serve as marriage mentors.

*This course is for couples who are at least 3 years in their marriage. Both must be mentors and above – couples attending this course must have already completed their Prepare & Enrich assessment. If not, they are required to do an online assessment and meet the trainers before the commencement of the course. Enrolment is subjected to pastoral leaders’ approval. An e-mail will be sent to notify you on the status of your registration.

Date: 26 March, 2,9&23 April (Sunday)

Time: 1.30pm -4.30pm

Venue: USPACE 3 (Child Minding Room Available at USPACE 1)

Class Fee: $60/Couple (1 Registration per couple, do not need to sign up individually)

Members sign up here

Registration closes 20 March

Orange Parenting Class

Orange parenting class is created for parents who are believers to guide their children in the ways of God. The  age-appropriate courses are held after services on Sundays and last only 30 minutes.

30 April: Parenting 8-Year Olds

28 May: Parenting 5-Year Olds

30 July: Parenting 7-Year Olds

Venue: Textile Centre, Connect 702

Time: 12pm – 12.30pm 

Class Fee: Free

No registration required. Interested parents please approach Hopekids teachers for more information. 

Marriage Preparation Course (MPC)

Ready to get married and make a pledge before God? Have lots of questions or just want to learn more about what it means to build a godly marriage, keep the love going, and live a fulfilling marriage life?

The Marriage Preparation Course is specially designed for couples who intend to marry in the year ahead.

Consisting of 6 lessons of valuable practical tips taught by trained and experienced (in marriage, yes!) instructors, this course gives couples a good head start and helps them to evaluate their journey as a couple.

Completion of this course is a pre-requisite for couples to be married by Hope Church Singapore, as we really want you to benefit from this programme! 

Dates: 5,12,19,26 July and 2,16,23,30 August (Wednesday)

Time: 7.30pm – 10pm

Venue: CT Hub 1,  #06-05, Studio 1 & 2

Fee: $180 (Couples will go through a mandatory Prepare-Enrich assessment with certified facilitators during the course at an additional fee of $30/couple payable separately.)

Registration opens on 22 May and closes when all seats are filled.

*Course Requirement: Hope member or one of you must be a Hope member in order to qualify for this course. MPC Certificate will expire after 2 years. Couples are encouraged to plan their wedding within 2 years after MPC. Otherwise, a recourse is required.

For more information on MPC,

Parenting Preparation Course (PPC)

For married couples who are preparing for parenthood, the Parenting Preparation Course will equip and prepare them to be parents. This course will empower participants to navigate the challenges of becoming a parent for the first time – from planning to conception and before the baby arrives.

Date: 8,15 and 22 July (Saturday)

Venue: TBC

Time: 10 – 1pm

Registration opens on 1 April.


CM533 Counselling Life Issues

This course is an experiential exploration of theoretical approaches and skills to life issues faced in churches. Some of the issues covered include prominent issues like guilt and depression; interpersonal issues like sexual integrity and marriage; identity issues like self-esteem and grief and loss; and control issues like addictions.

Date: 5,12, 19 & 26 March (Sunday)

Time: 1pm- 5pm

Venue: CT Hub 1, #06-05, Studio 2

Instructor: Ms Charmaine Chee

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Members sign up here, Non-members sign up here

Registration closes 26 February 2017.

For more information on Hopesem, visit

CM551 Foundations of Prophetic Ministries

This course examines the biblical and theological foundations of prophetic ministries in both the Old Testament and New Testament eras. Historical development of prophetic ministries throughout church history will also be covered, with special emphasis on the distinct role of the prophetic ministries in the contemporary church.

Date: 5,12,19 & 26 March (Sunday)

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Venue: CT Hub 1, #06-05, Studio 1

Instructor: Assistant Pastor Michael Raditya

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Members sign up here, Non-Members sign up here

Registration closes 26 February 2017.

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TH501 The Christian Faith

This course will introduce students to the study of doctrine and its significance in the development of our Christian Faith. In the course of this study we will deal with the fundamental question: “What is the Christian Faith?” Students will be given a brief introduction to the study of theology and the formulation of the Christian Doctrine. A major portion of the course will be devoted to help students in gaining a working knowledge of the Faith based on the study of the Christian Doctrine.

Date: 27 February, 6 March, 13 March, 20 March, 27 March, 3 April (Monday)

Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Venue: CT Hub 1, #06-05, Studio 1

Instructor: Mr David Lim Han Hui

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Class and waiting list are full. 

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TH502 Holy Spirit and the End Times

This course will be divided into two segments, covering the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the doctrine of the End Times respectively. The segment on the Holy Spirit will include the contemporary issues concerning the understanding of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the initial evidence of speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts, and other phenomenal manifestations. The segment on the End Times will include a study of the various views concerning the Rapture, the second coming of Christ, the Tribulation, the Millennium, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment, and the eternal state.

Date: 10 April, 17 April, 24 April, 8 May, 15 May, 22 May (Monday)

Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Venue: CT Hub 1, #06-05, Studio 1

Instructor: Mr David Lim Han Hui

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Class is full. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please email to

For more information on Hopesem, visit

BS501 Bible Study and Interpretation

The Bible is the richest and most exciting book in the world and the Christians’ most important resource. This course assists students in developing fundamental skills in doing an inductive book study. Students will also learn the foundations of biblical interpretation, specifically how to make sense of the world behind, around and within the Bible text, and through this to derive and apply the intended messages from the Bible into contemporary living.

Date: 29 May, 12 June, 19 June, 3 July, 10 July, 17 July, 31 July (Monday)

Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Venue: CT Hub 1, #06-05, Studio 1

Instructor: Mr David Lim Han Hui

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Class and waiting list are full.

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CM511 Strategic Perspective in Church Planting

Apostle Paul was one of the most famous tentmakers of all times. In fact, that’s where the term “tentmaker” comes from – because he and some of his close friends made tents for a living while they shared the Gospel. This course will look into the strategic perspective in church planting, and cover topics such as missions’ strategies in Hope movement, the various stages of church planting, and preparation work needed for a church planter.

Date: 18 June, 25 June (Sunday)

Time: 1pm-6pm

Venue: CT Hub Inspire 

Instructor: TBC

Class Fee: Credit $60, Audit $30

Members sign up here, Non-Members sign up here

Registration closes 11 June 2017 or when class is full.

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