2017 Vision

Only God

In a marathon, the toughest part is often at the halfway mark. The runner has gone too far to turn back, but he still has a long way to go in order to finish the race. So can it be with running the marathon of faith.

When our knees start to wobble, we need to rely on God and God alone.

When our hearts start to get discouraged, we need to gain strength from God and continue to bring His light to areas of darkness.

When we start to fear in the face of challenges, we need to trust more in God’s promises than in what we see, hear, feel or experience.

This year, we aim to impact 10,000 lives through our Life Groups and worship services locally and globally. It is a vision Only God can inspire, and one that Only God can bring to pass.

Since God will empower us and provide the resources to fulfil His will, let’s ask Him for the humanly impossible in wisdom, courage, anointing, skills, open doors, and finances.
Let’s trust in and follow Only God!