Doors will open at 6.45pm, you’re invited to join us for games, photo taking and a chance to participate in our blessing dip! Approach our friendly volunteers or head to the blessing dip booth at Axis Information Counter for more information on the actual day.

Date : 2 December 2016
Time : 7.45pm
Venue : The Axis @ Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan #04-24 Singapore 199018

Anna Beam (Kylie Rogers) lives with a rare, incurable disorder that leaves her unable to digest food. Despite the dire diagnosis, devoted mom Christy (Jennifer Garner) relentlessly searches for a way to save her beloved daughter. Everything changes in an instant when Anna tells an amazing story of a visit to heaven after surviving a headlong tumble into a tree. Her family and doctors become even more baffled when the young girl begins to show signs of recovering from her fatal condition.