*Registration through e2hope has closed but walk-in registration is available for spontaneous water baptisees. They are to reach Axis reception at Level 4 on 7pm (10 November) or 7:30pm (11 November).

Have you made the personal decision to follow Jesus Christ?
Water baptism lets you make this public declaration to those around you, proclaiming that you have chosen to live not for yourself anymore, but now for Jesus.

More information for water baptisees here.


If you would like to be water baptised, please register through your Life Group Leaders. Registration opens from 22 October 2016 and closes on 7 November 2016.

(Life Group Leaders will register via e2hope)

Water baptisees

Water baptisees, please change into proper attire beforehand as there will be no time to do so when the baptism service begins.

Proper attires such as those below are recommended:
1. Dark-coloured T-shirts with short sleeves (avoid long sleeved shirts)
2. Strictly no white / light coloured tops as they might become translucent upon contact with water
3. Dark-coloured bottoms, of at least knee length, e.g. long pants, bermudas, three-quarter length pants, etc (avoid jeans material).

Water baptisees are required to prepare their own necessities to clean and dry up.

Some recommended items:
– Towel for drying
– Comb
– Extra clothing (preferably white)
– Undergarments
– Plastic bag to contain wet clothing