10 May Saturday 2pm & 5pm | Special Guest: Li Nanxing (Service in Mandarin Only | Bi-lingual Kids service 5pm)
11 May Sunday 10am | Special Guest: Jacelyn Tay (Service in English Only | English Kids Service 10am)
Venue: The Axis | 200 Jalan Sultan #04-24, Textile Centre, Singapore 199018
For all the mothers out there, we hope to honour you at our services in celebration of Mothers’ Day!
Special guest Li Nanxing will be sharing with us on the 2 Saturday services in Mandarin, of his life story, and how he has been transformed by love, and of how he regained his life after what seems like a major setback.
Jacelyn Tay will be sharing with on Sunday morning in English, of how because of a dream and prayers, she now lives a much more fulfilled life, as a wife and a mother!
With 2 different testimonies, in 2 different languages, join us on this special day!