Fathering in the 21st Century has a crazy set of challenges that includes children shorter attention spans, the bombardment of information, and the high paced society we live in. Dr. Fred Toke, a psychologist who majors in child psychology, will be presenting to us from a science point of view how all these affects a child, and how our fathering methods can align.

Other than being engaging and informative, we have also prepared some prizes for the fathers to honour them for their sacrifices for the family! So… see you at the seminar!

Date: 14 June 2014 Saturday

Time: 5pm

Venue: The Axis, 200 Jalan Sultan, Textile Centre #04-24 Singapore 199018

Dr. Fred is the Clinical Director of Celebrating Life Resource Centre, and speaks widely on a number of parenting, marriage and youth issues. He is a much sought after speaker in schools to both children and adults, and was also the keynote speaker of Singapore Parenting Congress 2007.