Thank God for the anointed teaching by Rev Dr David Lim! Watch the Upcoming Seminars for more updates, our next seminar will be in November 2013, where we get to learn from Pastor Benny Ho!

Developing Your Spiritual Gifts For a Lifetime of Effectiveness!

Date : 12 & 13 Sep (Thu & Fri)
Venue : The Axis
Time : 7.45pm to 10pm
Fee : Free
*No child minding service will be provided. However, parents lounge will be open for parents with infants.

You are needed in the body of Christ.  God has uniquely created you for His purposes.  Most just serve out of zeal without understanding the larger context and what God is doing in their lives.  Some give up out of frustration along the way or out of feelings of inadequacy.

But that is not how God intended it. When you understand how to develop your spiritual gifts for a lifetime of effectiveness, you will become more insightful, gaining the right perspectives, seeing how God is always at work in your life. You will see how you affect your family, your church, the marketplace, the  nation, and the whole spiritual cosmos.

For details and registration please check our upcoming seminars!